CSI Software

CSI Software is staffed by a team of talented and passionate individuals who are easy to work with and impossible to work for. We work hard and then we work hard some more... and with this much creative energy you just know that we play hard also.

Prashant Patel  ( Director - Web Architect )

Prashant is creative, talented, fun loving. His work can be seen on computer screens all across the world. If you have an idea, he can make it happen... and make it great. Despite our smiles and nods of comprehension, nobody really understands when Prashant talks about coding Web applications. Luckily, he has a team of clever individuals who all speak his language and they develop applications that impress every time.

 Shruti Patel  ( Director - Web Technocrat)

Shruti is a technical expert, especially one in a managerial, administrative and marketing position of our company. Shruti is the organizer of great ideas. Backing up our team from the root and real people who make things happen of project development cycle.

Continuous Process of Improvement, Custom Made Software Development, Website Development, Website Design, Graphics Designing and Project Training of Quality.


CSI Software Provide Error - Free IT Solution for Our Clients During and Within Their Budget.